Saturday, May 3, 2008

Module 8 NonFiction: Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids
Sports Illustrated April 2007

Sports Illustrated Kids is designed to provide sports entertainment and news to children and young adults. Sports Illustrated Kids is filled with full-color, glossy photographs in this 65-page magazine. The graphics are busy and varied with text, charts, lists and tables to represent a variety of sports information and statistics. There is something for every sports fan, girl or boy. In this particular issue, readers can find two full sized, pull-out posters, nine detachable sports cards featuring a variety of sports and teams, male and female, jokes, games and cartoons, in addition to the well written and informative articles. Perfect for reluctant readers and sports enthusiasts alike, this magazine is visually appealing with colors, graphics and texts making an exciting reading experience. This issue featured articles on NBA breakout stars, making a baseball bat, a college Lacrosse star, and Soccer favorite, David Beckham. Readers are encouraged to visit the Sports Illustrated Kids website at and read additional articles and participate in other online events. Accurate and factual information, engaging interviews with sports favorites, fun and entertaining games and action packed photographs make this a magazine kids will be unable to put down. Winner of the Association of Educational Publishers and the Parent’s Choice Award, this is a magazine that parents and children can enjoy together.

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