Saturday, May 3, 2008

Module 8 NonFiction: National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic April 2007

The children’s version of National Geographic magazine is much more exciting and inviting than the adult. This magazine is filled with fun and exciting activities from games to play that focus on attention to details, jokes to read and tell, and trivia and facts to entertain. The glossy, less than 50 page magazine will hold the attention of the most distractible reader. Even the advertisements looked like articles in the magazine. This particular issue was filled with information about albino animals, silly pet tricks, and behind the scenes food advertisement tricks and gimmicks. There was something for every interest. Readers can find a link to for more fun, including jokes, cartoons, amazing videos of penguins, sharks, lions and a lot of other animals. One article challenged readers to enter America’s most Amazing Pet Contest where ‘anyone can go online, see the finalists’ entries, and vote for America’s most amazing pet!’ Another advertisement, which read like an article, explained how to make comics about your pets and gave some examples. This magazine is the perfect gift for a young reader who is curious about the world around her and likes to imagine and invent. National Geographic Kids magazine’s numerous honors include EdPress 2005 and 2006 Periodical of the Year, a Golden Lamp Award, the Parent’s Choice Gold Medal, a Parent’s Guide Children’s Media Award, the Folio: Editorial Excellence Award, and an Ozzie Award for Design Excellence.

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