Saturday, February 9, 2008

Module 2 Picture Books: Scranimals


Prelutsky, Jack. 2002. Scranimals. Illustrated by Peter Sis. New York: Greenwillow Books.

In Jack Prelutsky’s whimsical collection of poems about ‘scrambled animals’, Scranimals, readers are introduced to a wide variety of unusual creatures. Fruit, vegetables, plants and even other animals are combined to create scranimals who are detailed in Prelutsky’s nonsensical poetic style. Children of all ages will delight in Peter Sis’ textured black line art combined with watercolors that make the characters come to life. The rich vocabulary, inventive wordplay and rhymes meld together to describe a world in which scranimals co-exist in harmony. This delightful collection of poems jogs the imagination and tickles the funny bone for hours of reading enjoyment. From the gentle PANDAFFODIL to the scary RADISHARK, Scranimal Island is filled with characters just begging to be discovered and creates opportunities for children to extend the concept to invent creatures of their own.

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