Saturday, February 9, 2008

Module 2 Picture Books: But Excuse Me That is My Book

But Excuse Me That Is My Book

Child, Lauren. 2005. But Excuse Me That is My Book. Illustrated by Lauren Child. New York: Dial Books for Young Readers.

A patient brother, Charlie, accompanies his energetic sister, Lola, to the library in an effort to find her beloved book, Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies, “the very best book in the world” in But Excuse Me That is My Book. Award winning author and illustrator, Lauren Child has captured the joy of a young child’s fixation on a favorite book and the attempt at finding her a replacement that meets her interest when she discovers her book has been checked out. The 60’s style, cartoon-like illustrations embed collage and mixed media techniques, creating an eye-catching, fast paced appeal matching that of Lola’s personality. Text is all over the page and a variety of fonts are intermingled throughout the story, creating a virtual mood. Bold lines and overstated expression give depth to the characters’ feelings and emotions. Readers of all ages will enjoy the exaggerative and dramatic dialog. This book will particularly appeal to younger readers who will want to participate in a read aloud opportunity.

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